Easy Sewing Project Patterns.

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How to Sew a Sling Bag with Zipper

Sling bags looks sophisticated and once you’ve made one, you’ll be hooked to make more! Discover how to sew a sling bag with zipper all by yourself. We also cover patterns with tutorials & courses.  Sling bag making is a valuable skill – make it for yourself, as a gift or to to sell!

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How to Make Baby Bloomers with Ruffles

Discover how to make baby bloomers with ruffles! It seems impossible to buy baby bloomers these days, especially those with ruffles. And a frilly diaper cover always looks pretty under a baby girl’s dress, tutu, or pettiskirt.

Add a bit of ruffles to any tiny butt with one of your very own home-made baby bloomers with ruffles.

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How to Make Soft Toys at Home with Socks

Discover how to make soft toys at home with socks! Don’t throw those old socks out. Turn them into a cheery sock monkey, pig, bunny or a cute doll.

This post shares where to find sock toy tutorials. They’re quick and easy, even for a sewing beginner. We’ve put together a variety of fun sock toy tutorials. Check them out and Pin your favorites!

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5 Hand Sewing Projects for Traveling

So you’re in the vehicle or plane traveling. And you know you’re going to be stuck in this seat for a couple of hours. I would be first in line to buy the gadget that turns my sewing machine portable to be used in a car or airplane. But alas, we’ll have to settle with some hand sewing projects for traveling.

Here are 5 hand sewing projects ideas to make the journey shorter!

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How to Make a Leather Bag | Patterns & Tutorials

Discover how to make a leather bag! Patterns, tutorials & courses are also covered in this post. Leather bags are durable, not to mention looks sophisticated. To acquire this skill, is valuable for any stitcher!

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How to Make a Stuffed Panda Bear

Discover how to make a stuffed panda bear with this adorable sewing pattern! If you have some basic sewing skills and can follow instructions, this sewing pattern is ideal for you. Easily downloadable in PDF.  Continue reading

5 Pre-Cut Quilt Kits for Beginners


Pre-cut quilt kits for beginners are an easy way to get one started in quilting. The pre-selected fabric, which is cut to size, makes it convenient and time-efficient.

Browse through the selections and choose your favorite pre-cut quilt kits for beginners!
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How to Make a Reversible Bag with Handles


Take a FREE video crash course on how to make a reversible bag with handles!

Tote bags are great for so many things! From carrying your notebooks, art supplies, or lunch, to running errands, traveling or a day at the beach. You could even use them as creative gift bags!

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Free Traditional Log Cabin Quilt Pattern Tutorial


Want to learn how to sew a quilt? If you are a beginner to quilting, this FREE video course is for  you! Discover how to make a traditional log cabin pattern block layout in this FREE easy, quick, scrap DIY quilting project tutorial.

In this FREE traditional log cabin quilt pattern video tutorial, you’ll discover how to make a log cabin block pillow.

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How to Weave Fabric Strips by Hand


Discover how to weave fabric strips by hand! Anyone who sews knows that you end up with a lot of fabric scraps. Often times, it’s too small to do anything with, but you save it anyway.

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