Easy Sewing Machine Projects for Beginners.

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How to Make Soft Toys at Home with Socks

Discover how to make soft toys at home with socks! Don’t throw those old socks out. Turn them into a cheery sock monkey, pig, bunny or a cute doll.

This post shares where to find sock toy tutorials. They’re quick and easy, even for a sewing beginner. We’ve put together a variety of fun sock toy tutorials. Check them out and Pin your favorites!

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5 Hand Sewing Projects for Traveling

So you’re in the vehicle or plane traveling. And you know you’re going to be stuck in this seat for a couple of hours. I would be first in line to buy the gadget that turns my sewing machine portable to be used in a car or airplane. But alas, we’ll have to settle with some hand sewing projects for traveling.

Here are 5 hand sewing projects ideas to make the journey shorter!

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5 Hand Sewing Projects for 10-Year Olds


Are you thinking of introducing your 10-year old to sewing and looking for fun and easy kids sewing projects? Kids at this age are perfect for them to start learning how to sew.

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