So you’re in the vehicle or plane traveling. And you know you’re going to be stuck in this seat for a couple of hours. I would be first in line to buy the gadget that turns my sewing machine portable to be used in a car or airplane. But alas, we’ll have to settle with some hand sewing projects for traveling.

Here are 5 hand sewing projects ideas to make the journey shorter!

1. Miniature Teddy Bear Patterns

Develop your hand sewing skills and create miniature teddy bears by hand! Etsy has brilliant miniature teddy bear patterns. Tsminibears is one of our favourite Etsy mini bear shops. The PDF patterns includes a list of sewing items you need as well as detailed instructions with plenty of photographs.

And you don’t have to make teddy bears only. Choose between mini elephant patterns, mini bunny patterns, and more.

2. Make a Snail Pin Cushion

Make something useful for your sewing room. This plush little snail pin cushion can made from fabric scraps and felt. It’s also great as a sewing gift for kids! Visit Etsy for more pin cushion ideas.

3. Wool Felt Stuffed Animals

A favorite fabric to do hand sewing projects for traveling with, is wool felt. It’s so versatile and merciful, especially when stitching roundings. You can hand sew so many projects with wool felt.

Have a look onĀ Etsy for the following adorable wool felt hand sewing project patterns:

Sea Creature Wool Felt Softies

Hand Sewing Projects for Traveling

Snow Bird Wool Felt Ornament

Hand Sewing Projects for Traveling

French Hen Wool Felt Ornament

Hand Sewing Projects for Traveling

4. Make a Fleece Blanket

Hand Sewing Projects For Travelling
I love polar fleece as it doesn’t fray. Hand sew around the edge of a piece of polar fleece using a simple blanket stitch and you’ve got a lovely closed off fleece blanket!

5. Add Punch To Your Plush Pillows

This is fun and an easy hand sewing project! Add your personal flair to store-bought pillows. You can sew a chain trim to the edges, affix an oversized double tassel to the dimpled center, or sew tassels to the back side. Martha Stewart has a great post on how to decorate your plush pillows.

My dad used to say that you get your ideas from others, and build on it. I hope that the above-mentioned suggestions will help you find the perfect hand sewing project. Happy traveling!