Easy Sewing Machine Projects for Beginners.

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Child Size Tote Bag Pattern

Get this gorgeous child size tote bag pattern to sew for your toddler to 10-year old girl! It’s quick and easy to make, not to mention a great gift idea. Little ones will love having their very own bag to carry their precious treasures in.

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How to Sew a Tote Bag with Flat Bottom

Discover how to sew a tote bag with a flat bottom! A tote bag with a flat bottom means that you would need to create boxed corners. This gives the tote bag more dimension, which allows a lot more room to your things.

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How to Sew a Sling Bag with Zipper

Sling bags looks sophisticated and once you’ve made one, you’ll be hooked to make more! Discover how to sew a sling bag with zipper all by yourself. We also cover patterns with tutorials & courses.  Sling bag making is a valuable skill – make it for yourself, as a gift or to to sell!

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How to Make a Leather Bag | Patterns & Tutorials

Discover how to make a leather bag! Patterns, tutorials & courses are also covered in this post. Leather bags are durable, not to mention looks sophisticated. To acquire this skill, is valuable for any stitcher!

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How to Make a Reversible Bag with Handles


Take a FREE video crash course on how to make a reversible bag with handles!

Tote bags are great for so many things! From carrying your notebooks, art supplies, or lunch, to running errands, traveling or a day at the beach. You could even use them as creative gift bags!

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How to Make Cloth Bags at Home Step by Step


Discover how to make cloth bags at home step by step with sewing expert, Nancy Green’s video tutorial. No need to pay high prices at those fancy boutiques!  Sewing level: Confident beginner.

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How to Make a Crossbody Hobo Bag


Discover how to make a crossbody hobo bag / purse from fabric with this Annie’s Catalog video tutorial. It includes the sewing pattern!

They’re fun, casual, convenient and in style! You’ll love wearing this designer crossbody bag. Sewing level: Confident Beginner

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5 Multi Pocket Tote Bag Patterns


Looking for multi pocket tote bag patterns? We’ve collected and listed five of our favorites! Tote bags are ideal gifts (whether for a loved one or yourself!). And why pay for tote bags if one can make it oneself, right?  Not to mention the personal touch these sewing project patterns add.

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