Take a FREE video crash course on how to make a reversible bag with handles!

Tote bags are great for so many things! From carrying your notebooks, art supplies, or lunch, to running errands, traveling or a day at the beach. You could even use them as creative gift bags!

Totes are always good to have around. By making your own, you can get creative and make something you will really love for whatever occasion you need! By the end of this class you will know how to do just that.


This tote bag is reversible and looks the same on either side, the only difference is your choice of fabric and decoration. Even if you don’t want to reverse it, the inside can serve as a lining and make your bag look more finished.

In this FREE video crash course, you will discover a fast and easy process to create a basic reversible tote bag, step by step!


How to Make a Reversible Bag with Handles