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Stuffed Turtle Sewing Pattern


A huggable, adorable stuffed turtle sewing pattern! This cute printable pattern is suitable for any fabric; our example was sewn with 100% cotton fabric. Please note that this particular pattern is an advanced design, therefore not suitable for a beginner.

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Easy Teddy Bear Pattern


This easy teddy bear pattern has a big nose and small eyes. Pretty cute!

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Memory Bear Sewing Pattern


This memory bear sewing pattern is designed to make a teddy bear from many types of fabric, including old clothes such as knit t-shirts, light sweaters, etc. Transform your loved one’s clothes into an everlasting keepsake toy!

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Stuffed Dog Toy Pattern


A cute stuffed dog toy pattern is waiting with your name on it… Just download, sew and make her your own!

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Stuffed Teddy Bear Sewing Pattern


Sew this stuffed teddy bear sewing pattern! Adults and children alike will be unable to resist the charm of this fun-loving teddy bear which is sitting quietly with sweet smile!

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Long-ear Stuffed Bunny Sewing Pattern

Say hello to this adorable long-ear stuffed bunny sewing pattern! It’s jointed at the arms and legs through large buttons, making it moveable upwards and downwards for added fun & character!
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Stuffed Cow Sewing Pattern


This is the cutest little stuffed cow sewing pattern and super easy to make, as long as you have some basic sewing skills! Continue reading

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